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Physical Health Financial Health Emotional Health Natural Health
Aug 182015

This is where I walked yesterday. Walking every day helps you sleep better at night. Keep up the routine, eat right, take good nutritional and sports supplements, and get enough sleep.


Walking is healthy

Walk Everyday

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Aug 122015

Our Grandson, Tyler, posted this on his Facebook page, Salution Records.  I just loved it, because it tells about what all of us go through when we are trying accomplish something.  He said, “Whether u play for 20 people or 100k people… u still doing it! Ur still putting on!! Everybody gotta start somewhere!”  Isn’t that so true?  From the view point of our home businesses, what I take from this is no matter who we are talking to, a group of 10, 50 100 or one-on-one, do your best, do what you do, be who you are.  Be respectful and treat everybody with the same respect, dignity and personal interest.  Everybody … no matter whether they are in the audience, or on your team, up or down (family especially – but that’s another post).  Remember that everybody had to and has to start somewhere, including us, and that’s usually at the beginning – not the end.  Have reasonable expectations.  Do your homework. Count the cost.  Find your direction.  Be consistent.  Don’t give up.DntExpctThsIfHvntDnThs SalTWFB 8-11-15

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Jul 162015

People who suffer with arthritis, either a little or a lot, need some exercise to help keep their joints moving. It is crucial, or they will ‘freeze’ up.

It is important to be aware of what kind of exercise to do and how much for your particular artriitis condition. You can hurt yourself if you do the wrong kind or too much.

Check with your doctor or physical therapist.

The Mayo Clinic says exercise, “… increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue.

Get some today. Exercise, that is. Eat right, take vitamins and nutritional supplements for more support, keep your immune system strong, drink lots of water, use orthopedic aids and keep moving.

Jul 132015

I have considered having backyard chickens for quite some time now.  We have our garden the back yard, we do compost, we grow vegetables and flowers, among other things.  Its own little eco-system has developed back there.  The idea of chickens and having eggs (that I know what when into) seems to fit.  However, this article,, has given me a different perspective, which I appreciate.  I do like to go into things somewhat informed.  :)     mlr


Jun 052015

Cleaning our homes with non-toxic products becomes a priority when we have little ones in the home who could come into contact with dangerous chemicals or when we, for some reason, become more sensitive to the dangerous chemicals in most in-store products.  The skull bones on the back of most cleaning products under CAUTION should be a warning that the product is dangerous.  The products I use are non-toxic and completely safe for children and animals.  They will not choke you when cleaning with them and they clean better than store-bought brands.  I am very thankful to have been using natural based products for many years.  It has saved me a lot of possible headaches (pun).  To learn more about the products I use, go to



Dec 242014

Our grandson, Gabriel, has been volunteering in his brother’s class at the suggestion of the teacher. When he first posted on Facebook that he was thinking about doing it, I was so excited for him because I know how rewarding doing something like that can be. I hoped he would decide to do it. He did.

I thought about what ‘rewards’ mean to different people. I wondered what he would find rewarding about it as I thought about what I felt I would find rewarding about it. Besides that I love to be in the company of children, I know how rewarding it is to have a share in helping a child build a memory, conquer a fear of doing something, or learn a new task. Gabriel is getting to experience the rewards of what he is doing because he took the leap and did it.

One of Gabriel’s rewards, as he has shared, is seeing the kids’ reactions to receiving and giving. What a wonderful thing to watch how a child reacts to something. He also gets to spend time with his brother in a whole different way. In the various aspects of our lives, we can be rewarded in so many ways – in our family lives, our friendships, our businesses; but we have to be willing to see the rewards. We have to look for the them. Seeing the rewards for our good work can be a great source of joy for us, which can help us to have a happy, thankful disposition. Then we begin to look forward to the reward, and it can become like the dangling carrot – something we pursue.

Dangling Carrot 12-22-14 from Microsoft

So, reach out! Think about the ‘rewards’ that can come from certain things, and do it! Set the goals and rewards in front of you.

I’m happy for Gabriel.

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Dec 132014
Qtip 12-10-14

Quit Taking It Personally (c)

I wrote an article for one of my LinkedIn posts.  It is about a class I attended recently where one of my fellow students passed out a q-tip to each of us. This is what I said in the article:  “She said she had learned this lesson years ago in a psychology class and it applied to what we were learning that day. Of course, a few said, “Q-tip? What’s this for?” She smiled and said, ‘Quit taking it personally.’ “

“I keep it in my purse.”

That was about business.  This is about health.  Isn’t it amazing how they all interconnect?

Sometimes in our personal lives we can take perceived ‘slights’ in a very personal way when it involves people we love dearly.  Sometimes it is hard to take the good lessons that we are learning at work, or in our businesses, and apply them to our family and personal life.  But we should.  Because they do apply.  Like this one.

When we take things too personally at home, our feelings can get hurt.  When that happens, misunderstandings can occur.  When we have hurt feelings, it is hard for us to think clearly.  It can even get to the point where we think that everything the person who we think did it or said it says, is directed to us as an attack — which may not be the case at all.

Stop.  Think.  Take a moment.

If we are living every day taking things too personally at home, it can begin to affect not only our relationships with our family members and friends, but also our physical health and our mental and emotional health. If we have a spiritual connection, it can affect that as well.

Quit taking it personally. If we take it personally every time, it will be hard for us to move on and keep going. I keep the q-tip in my purse.

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Oct 262014

If you try to chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.  The point here is that focus is crucial to accomplishing things.  We have better mental and emotional health when we feel good about accomplishing things.  That can help with better physical health too, because our mental condition and emotional condition affects our physical health greatly.  It is all tied in together.  Our spiritual health is also affected by what our focus is.

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Oct 102014

If you don’t have anything to fall back on, you won’t have anything to fall back on.  Hello. Prepare yourself for how you can react to ALL kinds of different responses in work, family life and play; different events, different circumstances.  It helps.  Families can do this as a family activity for parents to teach their children.  Team mates can do it in strategic planning meetings.  Role play.           martha

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